indicated altitude

indicated altitude
: the height above sea level as read on an altimeter

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  • indicated altitude — The altitude as shown by an altimeter. On a pressure or barometric altimeter, it is altitude as shown uncorrected for instrument error and uncompensated for variation from standard atmospheric conditions. See altimeter …   Aviation dictionary

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  • altitude — i. The vertical distance of a level, a point, or an object considered as a point, measured from mean sea level (ICAO). In the case of aircraft in flight, it is normally expressed in flight levels or hundreds of feet. For example, an aircraft… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Indicated airspeed — (IAS) is the airspeed read directly from the airspeed indicator on an aircraft, driven by the pitot static system. IAS is directly related to calibrated airspeed (CAS), but includes instrument errors and position error.An aircraft s indicated… …   Wikipedia

  • altitude tint — A method of showing relief on maps and charts by coloring different levels in different shades. The basic shades are those of brown. The darker the shade, the higher is the height above sea level. The altitudes represented by each tint are… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Pressure altitude — In aviation, pressure altitude is the indicated altitude when an altimeter is set to an agreed baseline pressure setting. This setting 101,325 Pa, equivalent to 1013.25 millibar (or hectopascals), or 29.92 inches Hg is equivalent to the air… …   Wikipedia

  • computed altitude — i. The indicated altitude corrected for installation and instrument errors. Also called calibrated altitude. ii. A mathematical computation of the correct celestial altitude of a body at a specific geographic position, for a given date and time.… …   Aviation dictionary

  • corrected altitude — An indicated altitude corrected for nonstandard outside air temperature. The corrected altitude approximates true altitude …   Aviation dictionary

  • calibrated altitude — An indicated altitude to which instrument and installation error corrections have been applied. Also called computed altitude …   Aviation dictionary

  • say altitude — A term used by ATC (air traffic control) to ascertain an aircraft’s specific altitude or flight level. When the aircraft is climbing or descending, the pilot should state the indicated altitude rounded off to the nearest 100 ft …   Aviation dictionary

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